Musical Heritage Treasures Herald Spring

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Eliská and her team were excited by a number of emails popping into our inbox over the last couple of weeks. 

George Michael had a different taste in buying art which was so exciting at the time and still now, he was interested in the ‘emerging artists’ of his time
— Eliská

Christie’s have announced two notable sales in the past few weeks which Eliska and her team are incredibly excited about.

It’s important to me that I should be free to express myself...
— George Michael

The George Michael Collection begins on 8 March (notably also International Women’s Day!) with the online auction and culminates with the London Evening Auction on March 14th, the proceeds of which will go towards furthering the philanthropic work that was so important to him during his lifetime.

Damien Hirst,  The Incomplete Truth, 2006.

Damien Hirst, The Incomplete Truth, 2006.

Whilst the catalogue is yet to be published, some highlights that have been released to whet our appetites include Bridget Riley’s Songbird, 1982 and Damien Hirst’s The Incomplete Truth, 2006.

Bridget Riley,  Songbird, 1982

Bridget Riley, Songbird, 1982

The catalogue itself promises to be a collectors piece, a two volume publication which would be a handsome edition to any coffee table and a collector’s item itself, we are sure, in years to come.

The George Michael Collection, whilst on view at Christie’s, New York (this exhibition ended on 11 February)

The George Michael Collection, whilst on view at Christie’s, New York (this exhibition ended on 11 February)

Christie’s Rockefeller Centre, New York

Christie’s Rockefeller Centre, New York

On 20 June as Spring gives way to Summer, David Gilmour will put up for auction more than 120 guitars from his personal collection. This impressive grouping is hosted in New York and will include, as a highlight THE BLACK STRAT.

‘Many of the guitars in this sale are guitars that have given me a tune’
— David Gilmour

Gilmour’s 1969 Black Fender Stratocaster, known simply as THE BLACK STRAT was purchased by the Pink Floyd musician in 1970 at Manny’s and has been the instrument most easily identifiable to the artist. For the well discerned ear it is this guitar that was used on masterpieces such as The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973 and The Wall, 1979, including Gilmour’s famed solo on Comfortably Numb.

Make life an art - rather than art from life
— David Gilmour

Eliská readily admits her obsession with beautiful guitar riffs and we are all hoping to pop down to Christie’s King Street to see for ourselves, for perhaps the last time, these beautiful objects, whilst on their exhibition tour, before they part into the hands of some very lucky collectors and fans, worldwide.